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Gyllian Thomson


Gyllian Thomson



Gyllian Graduated in 1995 with a First-Class Bachelor of Design in Constructed Textiles with printmaking from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. She earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in Art and Design from the University of Glasgow in 2001. Having swapped Glasgow for the countryside of Dumfries and Galloway, her studio is attached to her home making her responses to the landscape even more immediate. Gyllian set up her studio four years ago, weaving unique handmade tapestries from her scaffold loom. Sitting at the loom and transitioning her work to tapestry is a slow and quietly joyful process.



I am intrigued by a line continuing like a path with no end, falling into the horizon or falling off the earth. I enjoy vibrancy of colours, how they move when woven together creating a life with yarns and threads. With this medium my work jumps from paper to textile.

Inspired by the space within the natural world around me I use colour and shape to explain the stillness and absences in life which are almost tangible.

What begins as paper and paint is then woven onto my scaffold loom. This slow and tactile process calms me and fills me with a sense of wellness as I begin to see my designs emerge. Just like the responses and feelings I have within the landscape I live in, the lines in my tapestries often transition off the work.



The definition of a Tapestry is the making of a textile which is woven by hand on either a horizontal or vertical loom in discontinuous weft to form an image. The weft weaves in and out of the warps and is pushed or beaten down so firmly that it entirely covers the warps.

Gyllian continues this time-honoured tradition of independent weavers producing art in the same way it has been produced for thousands of years.

Limited only by the size of her scaffold loom, Gyllian weaves in wool, cotton, linen and plastics as well as silk. These materials help to give the work depth and variety of lustres and surfaces, making the weave move and vibrate.